The purpose of the “Renato Grandi Foundation” is to help children in need of support, care and schooling in every part of the world.

Many nations suffer from a huge scarcity of water; its contamination makes it a carrier of diseases. This is the main cause of infant mortality.

The financial resources of the Foundation will therefore also be used to combat this problem, with the construction of wells and aqueducts, to tap into pure water.

 At the explicit request of the first donors, who have constituted the base capital of the Foundation, we are continuing their charitable work

The Chairman
Viviana Grandi.


The Purpose

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation and exclusively pursues purposes of social solidarity. It carries out its activities in the charity sector.

Its objective is to finance initiatives, projects and activities promoted and carried out by private entities, associations, institutions, organisations and legal entities of any nationality, with the following aims:

        to provide and manage welfare and public health services for needy children and create and manage residential structures ancillary to the use of these services;

        to construct and manage wells and aqueducts wherever the need for drinking water is a priority.


Further ancillary activities of the Foundation:

       to create services of assistance and social and public health support for the benefit of other people that find themselves in need or who are not self-sufficient due to situations of extreme poverty, destitution, diseases, illnesses, epidemics, wars etc.;

        to create, autonomously and/or in collaboration with third parties, hospital structures, homes for the elderly and refuge centres for
the poor.


Make a donation

Help us give the children the water they need, sustain their education, mitigate diseases, and eradicate hunger.


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