Ilembula Orphan Village

AIDS in Africa has left a tragic trail of orphans. Don Tarcisio Moreschi works in the region of Iringa in the Sourt-West of Tanzania, which has around 60'000 inhabitants ...(item)

Access to primary education

This project was carried out in Chad, one of the five poorest countries in the world. The project was realised in the region of Salamat, inside the department of Aboudeia ...(item)

Drinking water and sanitation

Honduras is one of the poorest countries of Latin America. In the world ranking classification, Honduras is among the last positions, a little ahead of Nicaragua and Haiti ...(item)

Aqueduct  Njombe

We came to know of an aqueduct in construction in the region of Njombe...(item)


Guinea Bissau

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Burkina Faso


Guinea-Bissau, because of his background of underdeveloped colony, belongs to the group of less wealthy countries, with a per person income of less than U.S. $ 240. ...(item)

 Aqueduct Kahemba in Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is lagging behind in the ranking of human development achieved by the United Nations, with over 70% of the population below the poverty line...(item)


In Burkina Faso education is compulsory between 7 to 13 years; despite this and the fact that it is free, the net rate of school attendance is 47% and the rate that of adult literacy by 29 %...(article)

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