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This project was carried out in Chad, one of the five poorest countries in the world. The project was realised in the region of Salamat, inside the department of Aboudeia. This region has the supremacy of the lowest rate of school attendance among child between 6 and 14 years that is 21% in relation to the national average of 65%.

Women participation to primary school is even lower, and in the rural areas 90% of girls can neither read or write: with this sad situation it is hard to think about a future.

Access to education is very low, but also the quality of teaching is very bad, considering 47% of the children that attend primary school are still illiterate. Themain purposes of the project are:

- contribute to guarantee the access and quality of primary education in the departement of Aboudeia;
- contribute indirectly to reduce poverty in this area;
- contribute to the disappearance of gender inequalities in primary schooling

It is estimated that in the department of Aboudeia the children in schooling age are 21.535, and of these only 4.487 are enrolled in compulsory education during the scholar year 2007-2008.

Considering the objective of the project is to double and improve the quality of education, we can confirm that the number of girls and boys which are directly benefiting from the project are at least 9.000.

The project undertaken in collaboration with ACRA, allowed the direct intervention in 40 schools. Thanks to the help of the Fondazione Renato Grandi, the following activities were carried out:

- organisational support to 40 associations of parentes of students, responsible for the sustainability
  of the schools;
- 46 mothers members have been trained and accompanied through sensibilisation activities for
  girls schooling;
- opening of the restructuring fund of schools and training of teachers; awareness and sensitive
  campaign around the theme "access to education for girsl and boys.

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