Drinking water and sanitation in Honduras



Honduras is one of the poorest countries of Latin America. In the world ranking classification, Honduras is among the last positions, a little ahead of Nicaragua and Haiti.

In collaboration with ACRA, the FRG is supporting with a contribution of 122.000euros, a project in favor of the biggest communities in the municipalities of Marcala, Yarula and Sta. Elena in Honduras.

The European Commission has approved the project that will end the 31 March 2013 and is financing part of the cost.

The main aim is to start the functioning of the aqueducts that are out of use in these municipalities that were severaly damaged by the cyclone MITCH in 1998, to find new sources to bring drinkable water to these areas, and to enlarge its distribution to the more remote families that never had drinkable water.
The 10.345 inhabitants of Marcala, 8.339 inhabitants of Yarula and, 6.434 inhabitants of Sta. Elana, will benefit from this project.
Therefore a total of 25.000 people would have access to potable water resulting also in improved hygienic-sanitary conditions.

In detail, the project foresees:
Guarantee a better quality and availability of water in the areas of intervention throughout  the realisation
of infrastructure works and strengthening the current water system in the municipalities of Marcala, Yarula and Sta. Elena.
Sensibilise and train the population of the 3 municipalities by adopting correct hygienic-sanitary practices
in order to eradicate the risk of epidemic diseases or water transmission illnesses to the more exposed population, the YOUNGER CHILDREN.
With this aim, they are also sustaining the building of family latrines. 
Together with the local population, initiate best practices to protect the natural resources, with a strong emphasis on a more productive and sustainable use of such resources, oriented to the environmental safeguard and the preservation of the water springs.

Thank you to all donors.

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