Aqueduct Kahemba in Congo


  Mrs. Rosanna Pozzi Graf, a retired teacher, who for more than 20 years has been active in community service and is the founder of the Association "Solidarity with the children of Congo-Zaire",

contacted us in 2010 to get us to help with in the great problem that afflicts the area of Kahemba, where she operates.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is lagging behind in the ranking of human development achieved by the United Nations, with over 70% of the population below the poverty line.



Around 20’000 people, mainly women and children, do not have water because the nearest spring is 10 km away. The men travel to the nearby countries to work in the mines. The difficult supply of water renders impossible the manioc (a basic local foodstuff) cleaning process which allows for the removal of the residues of cyanide.
The prolonged ingestion of this unwashed tuber, causes an endemic infant disease called Konzo, which causes the blockage of the growth of the limbs, hands and feet, as well as blindness. The Foundation is developing a project for the construction of an aqueduct that transports water from the spring to a roof tank that supplies drinking fountains to different areas of Kahemba.
One of our Board Members and a hydraulic engineer have already gone to the place to verify the feasibility of the project, but more in-depth technical examinations will be necessary. We hope to be able to count on the help of the ACRA Association with which we have already collaborated for the creation of the aqueduct in Tanzania.
The total cost of the project is the following:   EURO 905'332,57
so funded:                                                              Euro   778'000,00  Fondazione Renato Grandi, Lugano
                                                                               Euro   127'332,57  ACRA-CCS, Milano
FRG expenses incurred:
27.09.2012 - EURO 100'000,00 
03.04.2013 - EURO 280'000,00 
30.09.2013 - EURO 133'000,00 
01.10.2014 - EURO 100'000,00
31.01.2015 - EURO   50'000,00
31.03.2015 - EURO   50'000,00
31.05.2015 -
EURO   65'000,00
                     EURO 778'000,00  

08.02.2017   EURO   12'500,00

May 2016!    ENDS THE AQUEDUCT OF 10 KM  

Thank you to all donors


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