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Ilembula Orphan Village

AIDS in Africa has left a tragic trail of orphans. Don Tarcisio Moreschi works in the region of Iringa in the south-west of Tanzania, which has around 60’000 inhabitants scattered among 28 villages in an area of about 1,200 km.

An Italian priest belonging to the diocese of Djombe, he has worked for years with incredible tenacity to support the local population, constructing works of primary importance for the region such as hospitals, orphanages and wells for the extraction of water.

The financing comes from private sources and the works are carried out thanks to the presence and help of many volunteers.

The meeting with Don Tarcisio made us aware of the problem and with all our heart we decided to help him to construct an orphanage for 100 children in Ilembula, one of the villages that is part of his parish.

The orphanage is an open place, made up of ten typical Tanzanian dwellings, with different and personalised colours, and by a dining hall. 10 children live in each house with a woman in charge who functions as a “mother”.

The children go to the nursery and the schools of the village, to give them a way to integrate into the local life, thus creating reference points and rendering them independent in adulthood.

The total cost of the project is the following: 

EURO    4'000: Purchase of land 
EURO    2'000: Put to the Land registry
EURO  17'000: Excavation of a well + tanks
EURO 150'000: 10 houses costing EURO 15’000 each
EURO 173'000  Total cost of the project
Expenses incurred:
18.11.2009 - EURO     1'700.00:Initial material
18.11.2009 - EURO     4'000.00: Paid purchase of land
18.11.2009 - EURO     2'700.00: Paid put to the cadastre
18.11.2009 - EURO   11'100.00: Excavation of a well
27.07.2010 - EURO   14'675.00: Material for 2 houses
04.10.2010 - EURO   26'535.00: Material for 2 houses
24.02.2011 - EURO   17'600.00: Material for 2 houses
20.09.2011 - EURO   35'000.00: Material, eletctricity and labor
07.10.2013 - EURO   66'648.00: Material for 4 houses and closing of accounts
                     EURO 179.958.00

Thank you to all donors.

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Aqueduct Njombe

We came to know of an aqueduct in construction in the region of Njombe. It is a project presented by ACRA – Rural Cooperation Association in Africa and Latin America, of Milan, to the European Commission, which was selected from among another 50 and financed to a level of 60%. The aqueduct with a length of 180 km would have brought the water to 15 villages inhabited by 41’575 people from two springs situated at an altitude of 1800 m. Women and children would no longer have to cover tens of kilometres on foot to supply themselves with water that is often contaminated but would be able to have pure water in their village.

We decided to take part with Euro 250’000.- for the completion of this important aqueduct.
Other donors were: the Province of Milan, ATO, Misereor, the Province of Monza and Brianza ALSI SPA, Ecosystem Spa, the “Insieme si può” Association (CH) and the European Union.

We also took part, as representatives of the Renato Grandi Foundation, in the presence of the Bishop of Njombe and of the Tanzania Ministry for Water, on the delivery of the first drinking fountain in the fourth village where the water had arrived. There we met Don Tarcisio who spoke to us about what will become our second operation in Tanzania: the orphanage for the children of Ilembula.

Thank you to all donors.

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