Guinea-Bissau, because of his background of underdeveloped colony, belongs to the group of less wealthy countries, with a per person income of less than U.S. $ 240.
The World Development Report puts it at 176th place on the list comprising 186 countries, with a human development index of 0,364 (UNDP - Human Development Report 2013).
Switzerland has a human development index equal to 0,903 and the ranking is placed in 9th place.
The project takes shape in the capital, Bissau; outside are small and insufficiently robust structures able to support changes in the country.
The capital, though lacking even by the standards of other African capitals,
it is still the only place to offer incentives, opportunities for growh, regular training, but above all means and tools necessary to work. Also in the capital, the cultural level of the people is greater and promotes the acceptance and success of the interventions.

The Foundation Renato Grandi takes charge of the entire project, including: a room for outpatient pediatric
and one cardiology diagnostic center, 5 rooms for hospitalization for heart complications or other serious illnesses, the start-up and operation of the Family House.

The project is based on synergies and existing capacities and the need to strengthen the various activities (children taken into care and management of HIV-positive women, of children with heart problems, the food program, the project for disabled children) until now not sufficiently covered, with the following objectives:

- increase the diagnostic capablility and professional technicians;
- implement the synergies between local physicians and the nursing staff and the medical team of the Cardiocentro di Lugano;
- create a place for the control and emergency pediatric cases and more severe cardiac;
- work closely with a newly created (Family House), in collaboration with Kibinti Onlus used to be taken into care and pre
  and postoperative cases operated in European centres, respectively, cases, because of their disability physical / cerrebrale
  as particulary vulnerable.

The total cost of the project is EUR 476'500,00 in tree years, with the expectation of continuity over time.

Expenses incurred (of which approx. 1/3 for the Family House):
04.04.2014    EURO  78'200,00    First  tranche
15.07.2014    EURO  75'000,00    Second tranche              30.7.14/23.6.15  CHF 64'304,40    photovoltaic system
09.01.2015    EURO  75'000,00    Third tranche
08.07.2015    EURO  75'000,00    Fourth tranche
22.01.2016    EURO  78'000,00    Fifth tranche
12.07.2016    EURO  66'844,02    Sixth tranche

24.01.2017    EURO  78'181,05    First tranche 2017       maintenance
13.07.2017    EURO  78'181,05    Second tranche 2017  maintenance

We are looking for support to other partner that help us.  Any contribution is very important to us.

Thank you to all donors.

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